"Adam has everything he needs and even more. I  can't imagine he won't

soon be recognized as one of the greatest."​
                 - Dave Brubeck  


 Pronounced "prodigious" by the late Leonard Feather, and "a monster" by Tutti Heath, Adam Platt began playing piano at the age of four. ​​The recipient of several awards growing up, including multiple DownBeat Magazine's student music awards, and twice winning the High School Piano division at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Adam first won this competition when he was just 10 years old, the youngest winner ever. Between age eleven and fourteen, Adam was also selected to be the pianist for Montana State University's jazz band. ​

Adam has performed/recorded with Lionel Hampton, Tessa Souter, Candido, Matt Wilson, Lauryn Hill, Reggie Watts, DJ Spooky, Brian Bromberg, Kelly Roberti, Dana Leong, and Om'mas Keith. He has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe, Scandanavia and the Pacific Rim including Beijing, Macau, Belgrade, Verona, Cologne, and Dublin. In addition to his solo work as a pianist and composer, Adam has several groups in New York City; in particular, his own trio Dance Fight, and the larger ensemble Wu Li, as well as Tam Lin, The Prigs, and Miss Ida Blue, all of whom perform regularly on the East coast. He recently performed at the Rochester Jazz Fest with vocalist Tessa Souter. "One of the things that made Souter's sound unique was her band: Adam Platt, piano; Keita Ogawa, percussion; and Dana Leong on cello." A recording of Souter with Adam Platt on piano is expected to be released in April 2016.

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 Leonard Feather             

Two years later, at the age of twelve, Adam was invited back by Lionel Hampton to be a guest artist  at his Jazz Festival.  Listen to the Leonard Feather interview:



Read the article by Leonard Feather in the 1994 publication of

Entertainment Weekly.



 As an educator, Platt has taught hundreds of students of all ages over the years including master classes and outreach programs for all grade levels in the public schools in the  Northeast as well as Bozeman, Montana.  Adam joined the faculty at the renowned Stanford Jazz Workshop at Stanford University in 2007. He is now the head of musician training, as well as the resident accompanist and co-teacher for New York City's renowned Jazz at Lincoln Center program "WeBop!" which was named Best Music Class in 2013 by New York Magazine.


Platt is also a member of SweetPro​,  a music production house in New York City, who have composed and recorded all five seasons of original music for the Emmy award winning show by comedian Louis C.K.

"Louie" on FX.

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